Making the Appropriate Use of 15×30 Frame Tents

Frame Tents these days are used widely for various purposes- may it be a wedding function or celebration of different events, in educational institutions for conducting outdoor classes, for sports events, for camping, etc. These tents are preferred for their lightweight shelter and easy assembling option, for providing ample amount of space, and also for their safety purposes. 15×30 frame tent are one of the types of Frame Tents which cover an area of about 450 square yards.

It is considered a comfortable space for a gathering of 40-50 people. These tents usually do not require centre poles which makes the tent spacious enough for the guests and the things to be placed. These are preferred for setting up for a longer period and require a harder base to remain fixed and intact. They can thus be fixed right next to one’s house or concrete building but difficult to be set up on grass or soft surface.

Following are some ways these tents can be used:-

  • Small Wedding Functions

Small intimate weddings with near and dear ones can be celebrated in these tents. Suitable furniture like chairs, tables, and the altar with a small dance floor too can be placed and one can make the important day more memorable. Destination weddings are another option that can be made possible with the help of these tents.

  • Small Get Together

Small gatherings such as parties, tea parties, kitty parties, conferences, exhibitions, small functions, trade shows, funerals, etc. can take place in such tents. A gathering of around 50 people is comfortably covered making a small event a great success and fun.

  • Games and Sports

Certain games and sports could be played under these tents. Students would be eager to play under these tents, especially when the weather is too hot outside which can lead to heat stroke and dehydration. These tents can also be used for sports events especially in case when it rains.

  • Educational Purposes

Classes and events could be conducted away from the four walls in an open environment under these frame tents. These could be set up in the open areas of schools and colleges and every day, certain classes could be allotted periods in the tents. This would keep the students interested and excited to study thus, more engagement and participation would take place.

Thus, these types of frame tents are appropriate for a small gathering of a maximum of 50 guests and are a great option to celebrate marriage functions and parties, have get-togethers, conduct classes, and play games and sports to name a few.

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